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Your medicine cabinet in your pocket.


Between prescriptions, over the counter medications, and vitamins or supplements, it can be hard to remember every medication you might be taking. Especially if you are away from home or in an emergency.


We've created a free app where you can take a simple photo of your medication and allows you to keep notes or record any reactions or side effects. You can also put in expiry dates and set reminders to when you need to order more medication. 

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Herbal Pills
"As a doctor, it is really important to know what over the counter and supplements people are taking. Some don't interact well with prescription medication, but people forget to tell us about them. "

- Dr. Rose Abbott, Kensa Health Co-Founder

Keep track of all your meds in a snap. 

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The All My Meds app was created by the Kensa Health Limited, a women's health dedicated to providing information, education and tools to empower women.  

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